Lasifor Nightpitch

Mayor of Thistle Hold


Lasifor Nightpitch is the unthreatened ruler of Thistle Hold. As Prince of the Realm he has the authority of a duke over all who live and work in his walled domain, meaning that he literally has power over life, death and all things in-between. The only external power he formally has to take into account is Queen Korinthia, who can decide to revoke all his authority whenever she likes. But as long as he does not give her any reason to do so, Mayor Nightpitch is the town’s undisputed ruler.

There is probably no one living in Thistle Hold who has not heard the story of how Lasifor Nightpitch delivered an armful of Twilight Thistles to the court in Yndaros, how he instructed the medicus of the gravely ill Queen Mother in how to prepare and use it, and later paid for the construction of Thistle Hold with the reward gained from his heroic act.


Lasifor Nightpitch

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