Ordo Magica

Roughly a year ago Ambria’s most prominent order for learned studies and mystical schooling, Ordo Magica, relocated from Yndaros to Agrella on the shores of Lake Ebel. Grand Master Seldonio governs an organization with chapters in all larger settlements as well as a handful of outposts in Davokar. Each chapter is run by a Master of the Chapter, under which the Masters of the Order are sorted. The latter are experts in their respective areas – for instance Botany, Elf Studies, Beast Lore and Wizardry – and all have a number of novices and adepts working for them.

The primary ambition of Ordo Magica is of an explorative nature: its members seek knowledge for knowledge’s sake. They arrange expeditions to both forests and mountains, from which they bring curious artifacts to be studied in search for their properties and applications. Instead of spirituality the members argue that philosophy must be the primary tool for expanding the understanding of the world, and in the end they rely on experience and evidence rather than on faith – something which often causes its members to clash with theurgs and Black Cloaks.

But the single-minded search for knowledge does not mean that the order is totally cut off from the rest of civilization. Seldonio appears to be fully aware that he is in need of others – for instance he needs the Queen’s blessing to explore Davokar, the silver thalers of the nobles to finance expeditions, and he needs the Rangers to take members of the order along on their patrols. It should also be noted that the order strives to capitalize on knowledge gained and discoveries made, as for instance shown by the Vivisectory in Yndaros where ordinary people can pay entrance to bear witness as the masters carve into everything from farm animals to rage trolls and actual abominations.

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Ordo Magica

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