Queen Korinthia


Head held high and with unwavering confidence, Queen Korinthia carries the hope and sorrow of her people. She was not more than twelve years old when King Ynedar died on the battlefield, but she did not hesitate to pick up where he left off. She inherited his mount, the legendary Master; she had his broken lance restored; and she led the forces of light on a ten years long counteroffensive against the armies of the night.

Two years before the end of the war, Master died, gravely wounded by a poisoned spearhead, and Korinthia was taken captive. The enemy celebrated without understanding that he had engineered his own demise. The desire to rescue the captured Queen gave her knights such valor that not even death magic could make them falter. Korinthia was freed from her prison and commanded a decimated battalion of Templars in the decisive
assault on the Dark Lords’ fortress.

The years in captivity and the death of her homeland have not broken Korinthia’s spirit. Sure, her lacerated face is nowadays covered by a mask of glazed porcelain, but she is still the same: a triumphant warrior queen, given the honorary title Nightbane for her victory over the dark.

The rumors claiming her to be weak or even dying, or the ones declaring that she actually died in captivity and that the woman behind the mask is someone else, are never spoken except in wheezing whispers and in the company of very close friends.

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Queen Korinthia

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