The Barbarian Clans


When the Ambrians arrived in the region south of Davokar, thirteen barbarian clans were living in the area. Since then thirteen has becomes eleven, as clan Kadiz was subdued and integrated into the Ambrian civilization and clan Jezora was annihilated by Ambrian steel. Recently there have indeed been rumors circling about a possible twelfth clan, the fiendish brutes of the Beast Clan. But while the existence of such clan is yet to be confirmed, and especially since the barbarians seem to be equally confounded by the flourishing rumors, Ordo Magica and other authorities are ignoring them, pending more reliable accounts.

Lately the relations between the clans have changed, because of the arrival of the Ambrian people but also because of the slowly but surely escalating threat from the beasts and abominations of Davokar. Reasons aside, the clan chieftains have all declared themselves to be aspiring for peace, and judging by appearance they try to live up to that promise. Sure, it is still turbulent in some borderlands, not least up north as well as between Karits and Vajvods in the east. But at the moment the region is free from outright clan wars.

The barbarian High Chieftain, seated on Karvosti, is elected for life during a gathering at the Thingstead held when the reigning “warlord” is nearing death. But he is not elected to rule. Instead the role of the High Chieftain is to arbitrate or, when necessary, act as a judge in conflicts within and between the clans, and only if requested to do so by the clan chieftains.

The chieftains must of course pay heed to the opinions and wishes of their subjects, but they have no obligations to obey or even listen to some superior power. So even if there are similarities to be found between them, each clan has its own structure of laws, customs and hierarchies.

What similarities exist can first and foremost be attributed to the witches. The leader of witches is called the Huldra, and just like the High Chieftain she resides on Karvosti. Four times a year (at the winter and summer Solstice, and at the spring and autumn Equinox), the Huldra assembles the leaders of the clans’ hex nodes, called Keepers. It is said that the purpose of these gatherings is to discuss the state of Davokar, but according to rumor much time is also allocated to talks about and the search for solutions regarding conf licts that officially are to be dealt by the High Chieftain. The witches undoubtedly have a huge influence over the High Chieftain as well as over individual clan chiefs; so huge, in fact, that Levia Soleij, a respected Master of the Order, claims that Yeleta, the current Huldra, has a greater hold over her people than Korinthia has over the Ambrians.

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The Barbarian Clans

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