The Iron Pact

The elves speak of the Iron Pact, but exactly what that is and what function such an alliance would serve is highly debatable. According to legends told at the taverns in Yndaros, the elf wardens of Davokar claim that the human race has committed to leave the forest in the care of them and sworn never to set foot in the deep of Davokar. This promise is supposed to have been endorsed by a long list of human rulers, including Korinthia’s forefather Argalo and the ancestors of the current clan chiefs Rábaiamon and Razameaman. It is also said that the human rulers gave the elf lord Eneáno a gift to seal the treaty – six thousand rings of iron.

Among the barbarians there are some legends which could be interpreted as proof of the existence and legitimacy of the Iron Pact. On the other hand they could as well be based on lies told to the barbarians by devious pointy-ears. Evidently, the Ambrian nobility have opted to put their faith in the latter interpretation, even though the elves every day make good on the threat to seek vengeance on humans who violate the treaties.


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The Iron Pact

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