The Promised Land

The region Korinthia is determined to conquer is dominated by Davokar, a forest that in itself is as varied as a continent. Traversing the woods from Thistle Hold to its northern edge would take weeks, if not months, and on the way one would have to face beasts as well as hostile elves, blight-stricken beasts and treacherous nature.

South of Davokar a rolling landscape of fertile plains stretches out. Where they are not plowed by Ambrian farmers they are covered by pale green grass or small groves where the birds and beasts of the lowlands find shelter. This is Ambria, a kingdom divided into seven duchies encircling a domain ruled by the Church of Prios, the Sun God and the Giver of Laws. The Grand Duchy of Korinthia is by far the largest, just as the capital city of Yndaros is larger than Thistle Hold, Ravenia and the high seat of the Sun Church, Templewall.

The region is framed by towering mountains on two sides – the wild and majestic Titans to the south; in the east the Ravens that grow taller and steeper the further south one travels. Aside from some mining colonies and the monastery of the Twilight Friars south of Yndaros, the Ambrians are yet to establish any noteworthy settlements in the mountains. Instead they have become a refuge for robbers, free-thinkers and rebellious barbarians. And as for the dwarven realm of Küam Zamok, its inhabitants appear to be totally indifferent to humans, with the exception of the few families that, for reasons unknown but wildly debated, have settled down in Yndaros.

The climate is colder and more humid compared to what the Ambrians are used to. Damp winds from the southern oceans climb over the Titans and are not the least embarrassed to drown Ambria in heavy rains, especially during the autumn. The winters are cold, with snow covering the streets of Yndaros for a month or two, or even longer during the winters that the barbarians call Istaros, when arctic winds sweep down from the north, so cold that hearths which are allowed to go out barely can be brought back to life and the blood freezes in anyone who dares venture outside for longer than it takes to collect more firewood.

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The Promised Land

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