Thistle Hold


When it became known that the Queen’s mother had taken ill and the House of Kohinoor announced that a sizable reward would be given to anyone who could provide a cure, Lasifor Nightpitch knew that his time had come. Together with his companion, the barbarian witch Yagaba, he collected an armful of Twilight-Thistle from a secret location in the deep of Davokar and delivered it to the Queen’s medicus. He waived part of the reward in exchange for a title as Prince of the Realm over the area previously ruled by the warlord Haloban. What remained of the payment was used to fund the construction of a brand new town, right on the threshold of Davokar.

That is how Thistle Hold came to be, born out of a retired fortune-hunter’s dream to secure his own future, and at the same time do something in benefit of his exiled brothers and sisters. The walled town is today neither more, nor less than it was meant to be: a fairly safe place at the brink of Davokar where the people of Queen Korinthia can find shelter, rest, trade and amusements before – as well as after a possible return from – expeditions into the forest. That Mayor Nightpitch lives a pleasurable life on tolls and taxes, none begrudge him, especially since a part of the income passes on to the Queen’s treasury – and because the founding of Thistle Hold has facilitated trade and other connections with the barbarian clans.

The birchwood palisade and most of the buildings within it were erected over the course of the summer and fall of Year 13, largely thanks to the goblin tribe that Mayor Nightpitch had befriended during his travels. Today the town has about 6000 permanent residents, but counting visitors, peasants from surrounding areas and people passing through there are about 10000 people inside the walls at any given moment. Order is maintained by a well-paid town watch, led by Lasifor’s brother and mostly composed of veterans of the Great War.

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