−1000 (approx.) – The civilization of Symbaroum crumbles into oblivion

−500 (approx.) – The clans of Davokar unite under a high chieftain to battle the Spider King. The city-state of Lindaros is founded

−200 (approx.) – The population of Lindaros is wiped out by an infectious bleeder’s disease

−21 – The Dark Lords conquer the border city of Berendoria

−19 – Alberetor strikes back against the Dark Lords and the Great War starts

−10 – King Ynedar is killed; Korinthia is crowned the Queen of Alberetor

−5 – The sun god Prios is declared to be the One and the provider of Alberetor’s laws

−2 – Korinthia is taken captive by the Dark Lords

0 (winter) – The Queen is rescued, the stronghold of the Dark Lords is stormed and the war is over

0 (autumn) – The barbarian settlement of Kadizar surrenders and becomes Korinthias foothold in the new land

5 – The duchies of the new realm are established, from the Ravens in the east to the river Eblis in the west

7 – The Queen arrives, Ambria as well as the capital city get their names

8 – The Cathedral of Martyrs in Yndaros is inaugurated

10 – The clan Jezora is slaughtered and its chieftain Haloban executed on the Triumph Plaza

11 – The eighth duchy is established and its main town of Sevona founded

13 – Thistle Hold is built

15 – First Father Jeseebegai ascends to the High Seat of the Sun Church

16 – The battle of Karvosti results in an agreement according to which the Sun Church is allowed to restore the temple ruin on the plateau

19 – The Queen dictates that all craftsmen must get organized in guilds

21 – Present day

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