Yndaros is built on the well preserved ruins of the city-state Lindaros. Regarding the latter not much more is known than what has been told by the barbarians – the contact between Alberetor and Lindaros was never developed because of the great barrier called the Titans. The general belief is that the city-state was ruined about two centuries ago when a terrible epidemic wiped out its population. It is also said that the fate of the Lindarians was self-inflicted; that the scourge was sent from Higher Powers, as punishment for their arrogant and slothful ways.

The ruins of Lindaros were for a long time shunned and feared by the people still living in the area. But as the Ambrians arrived at the shores of Doudram they were greeted by a walled, barbarian village situated inside the ruined city. After a short siege and an even shorter parley, the chieftain of Kadizar agreed to surrender and to dissolve his clan. In return he was awarded the title Baron Manvar Grendel, and was given a piece of land to govern. The oldest daughter of the newly appointed baron refused to submit herself to the rule of the intruders and eloped to the mountains along with two hundred Kadizans. The rest of the clan folk stayed and were soon put to work by the new lords of the land.

Thanks to thousands of prisoners of war, Lindaros was rapidly transformed into the new high seat of Queen Korinthia. When she arrived with her court, seven years after the forerunners, a respectable palace was already waiting for her, and the basic structure of streets and city blocks was also in place. Now, the development gained momentum. The palace was remodeled and expanded; lots of buildings were demolished to leave room for bigger and more beautiful ones; parks and squares were established, most of them crowned with pompous monuments; grandiose constructions like the Cathedral of Martyrs, the Dome and the harbor basin were based on foundations of old Lindaros and could be finished in a matter of years.

Fourteen years have now passed since the arrival of the Queen and the city keeps growing in a way which many deem to be unsustainable. According to estimates about 100,000 people call the capital their home, but many of them live under harsh conditions within the walls of old Kadizar or in the refugee camp southeast of there. And the immigrants keep coming; lots of people arrive on a daily basis from the dying south. Some have been invited because of their special skills or thanks to siblings already there, other are hopefuls lured by the inflated rumors of Yndaros’ splendor. And even if many are referred to colonies in the west or to work at the edge of Davokar, one may wonder if, and for how long, the authorities will be able to maintain some kind of order.

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