Little is known about the origin of the goblins, but their presence in the southern outskirts of Davokar is quite obvious. The tribe that left the dark depths of Davokar to settle down close to Thistle Hold swarms and makes such a racket that they have made themselves quite unpopular among the town’s human populace. Their fiery temperament and strangely excitable way of socializing have contributed to the disapproval: “Hide the Boot”, “Tame the Ogre”, “Trim the Thistle”, “Tighten the Temple” and “Want a Smack, Molok?” are party games that outsiders are reluctant to even watch.

The life of a goblin is short – a goblin is considered a youngster at the age of five, adult at ten and an elder at the age of twenty. To meet a thirty-year-old goblin is a rarity, since most of them voluntarily return to seek a lonesome death in Davokar before they turn forty.

The only reason why goblins are tolerated in Thistle Hold is that they are practical when it comes to doing dirty work like draining marshes, emptying latrines and flailing about on scaffoldings. Thanks to that, a gibbering horde of sinewy goblins flows into the town every morning to work hard with a number of heavy, dangerous or thankless tasks. Come nightfall, they are once again driven away, and a bunch of uncharacteristically silent goblins march back to their beds in simple huts of straw and clay.

Some goblins stray from this pattern, mainly treasure-hunters and goblins employed in the household of some wealthy person in Thistle Hold. A dozen or so goblin younglings can also be found in the convent school in the capital city, where a handful of extremely patient monks have committed themselves to save whatever soul resides inside the wild whelps. The most renowned goblin to represent both of these phenomena is Garm Wormcrawler, brought up in the convent school to later become a successful treasure-hunter.

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