Ogres are solitary and odd creatures that come wandering out of the depths of Davokar, fully grown but void of memories and with no sense of identity. It is up to the humans or goblins who eventually take them in to give them a name and teach them the ways of the world.

The tales told of ogres vary from being hilarious through mystical to horrific. What is known is that the witches of Davokar sometimes take ogres under their wings and raise them to be guards and servants. Explorers have also reported that an Ambrian outpost near the Black Pitch Mire has adopted an ogre called Armstout and the soldiers there have the giant dig ditches, lift heavy equipment and draw the plow from time to time. A similar phenomenon is the ogres that are snatched by goblin gangs in the slums of Yndaros to serve as heavy-handed enforcers.

In southern Davokar they tell of the companions Deterror and Vitrona, the latter a skillful scout employed by the witches and the former a huge ogre and the scout’s best friend. Word of the duo has also reached Thistle Hold where they have become the subjects of a series of popular songs, telling about their adventures in the ruins of Symbaroum.

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